The task.

As part of an university assignment, I have analysed my daily tasks as a freelance graphic designer, and listed them to choose the ones that talk more about my passion for design, so I can create icons out of them.

Since I work from home, I do a few tasks like client work and university homeworks that are related to design. I have avoided the typical such as showering, going to the loo or social events that might happen once a week, and tried to include some that are more unique or important to me: I'm aware that not everyone cooks or cleans while working from home, but it helps me refreshing my mind. The same goes for painting or going for a walk after work.

ideas on my sketchbook

As seen on the image, I have explored some formats to present all my icons. Timelines and infographics have been my first ideas, but in order to show the changes throughout my day, I have turned into a graph style that shows the parts of the day when I'm more creative.

a graph that talks about my design-based life

First ideas.

I have explored some icon styles, and decided to go for some simple, outline icons with rounded edges. Some of the initial icons have changed from the first version:

first round of icons

I tried placing them on a graph version, and although I like the idea, I struggled with sizes when they are outside of a box or grid. I think the graph looks goods, but it might not be very clear for what I want to express with it:

Illustrator workspace.

Before sharing the final result, here's how my Illustrator workspace (and several layers!) looks after trying a few options.

Final result.

Therefore, I have decided to go back to a more grid-based layout using my personal branding colours and forgetting the idea about the peaks and hours of the day. I've also swapped the use of colour, from dark outlines with a turquoise background, to turquoise icons with a light background.

The font used for the title is Bungee, a beautiful typeface "that celebrates the urban sign", by David Jonathan Ross.

final icons

These are some of my favourite icons from this task, on their enlarged version:

university homeworks
night read (2-minute read, actually)
evening walk with my partner
tea and youtube break
morning yoga

client work

This has been a fun and also self-reflecting task that has helped me think, plan and consider my days as a working-from-home designer.