During three months, I will be working on a new university module called Major Project: Self-Initiated Briefs. After learning what a self-initiated brief is, and its importance on the career of a graphic designer, I have started with my favourite part of any design project: brainstorming!

The Brainstorm

My initial ideas have gone from graphic design, to feminism and organisation, some of the topics that I enjoy more, and that align with my values better. The whole point of a self-initiated brief is that I get to choose what I want to be working on, so I have created three different brainstorms, one for the general idea, another one for the new skills I consider using, and one for the topics that I want to focus on.

Finally, I have chosen two topics, and listed what ideas I had for each: graphic design and feminism. Once I had the final idea more or less clear, I have gone in more depth with it (on my next post).