The Design Problem

The nature of the design problem is the need to find new and empowering ways to support women on marches and protests, to make their voices more powerful and to connect with each other. My strategy is to focus on the message that I want to bring across, and to try different designs to develop a solution in the form of a product that my target audience can acquire. By identifying the problem, I can develop graphic strategies and evolve a particular style for the project.

T-shirt Ideas

Here are the sketches that I previously created for the designs on the t-shirts in Spanish.


The best way to evaluate the developing form of my project is by digitising the designs I have created and then creating mock-ups on t-shirts so I can better assess the placement, scale, hierarchy and any changes needed on the design itself. The steps are:

  1. Sketch several designs for t-shirts - Done.
  2. Digitise the best designs.
  3. Create simple mock-ups to explore each design.
  4. Produce more realistic mock-ups of each t-shirt design.
  5. Print out the designs to assess any printing issues.
  6. Send final designs to be printed on t-shirts.

I have worked on steps 1 to 4, and arrived at a good idea of how the designs look on real t-shirts, and what issues I might find, for example, with designs that go to the edges.

As the mock-ups show, the designs work very good on white, but I would make some adjustments for the purple versions, and also create white-based designs for darker purple or even black t-shirts.

This are some initial digital versions of my sketches, but since I want to keep the look of hand-drawn, I won't be touching them too much for now.

(Note: mockups by FreePik -