This is a personal list of ethical guidelines for graphic designers, in three categories:

  • Social: always use design to help other people, never to harm or to lie/mislead; treat everyone as equal, be inclusive; do not try to tell people what to do; do not diminish people for not buying your product or telling them how bad they will be without it.
  • Environmental: do not harm the environment to the best of your ability; avoid printing when possible; recycle and do not produce waste; try new eco friendly practices regularly; avoid companies that harm animals.
  • Professional responsibilities: help people by solving problems with your designs; do not harm anyone or the environment; be inclusive when designing; only work with companies or in projects that align with your values; be always upfront about project timescales and prices; share your design process (to help other designers); educate your clients about the design process, so they value your work better; teach your clients on giving proper and useful feedback.