Mujeres Empoderadas

My self-initiated project, called Mujeres Empoderadas (Empowered Women), proposes an online platform and a product to empower women on fighting for equal rights and on seeing the value on themselves. As women, we have to demonstrate our strength, because it might not be generally understood by the society as it happens with men. My goal with this project is to create an impact on women, specially those who are scared to speak up, by letting them know that we are all in this together. With a brand and an online platform, I want to open this idea to public interaction, and also to feedback. With the quotes and the t-shirt designs, I want to create a way for others to share our message, and to be seen by those who cannot raise their voice.

The Impact and Twitter

The impact is intended to happen especially at women’s marches, but also on our everyday lives. I would use Twitter ( to gather data and to measure the impact, and although is hard to estimate, the more people who share the messages, who buy the t-shirts or who use our unique hashtags, the bigger the impact.

One way to raise awareness and to reach people, is to use physical spaces. I could place stickers on different locations nearby women’s marches meeting points, and check the feedback process as people who finds them share it, or not, online. Both options would give me a good understanding of the success of the project, since today’s society is very inclined to share their opinions online, and especially when they find something valuable or interesting on the street.

At the moment, Twitter is the only real way to interact with my target audience, and to research their response to certain topics or posts. This could be enhanced by using a blog specific for the brand, and sharing my opinion on certain news, the launch of new designs, and videos about those, for example. The use of a website and a blog serves as an archiving platform, too, and the blog posts could be shared around other social media platforms, not only Twitter.

If the project worked as expected, I could have an archive of designs for different events. For example, I would create a specific t-shirt for something that just appeared on the news, that might not be relevant in a few years, and that design would live on my website forever.

These are all ideas that I want to look at further, but the three months that I have to finish the module are ending in a few days, so I will leave it here. For now.

Final Thoughts

To finish the self-initiated briefs module and my project, I have created a presentation to share my journey, as well as my struggles, learnings and future improvements. To present it in a more personal and enjoyable way, I have filmed a video to talk through the process of creating my own project, and my final thoughts on the idea itself.