While I started this project with the idea of creating a brand called “Women Empowering T-shirts” (WE or WET), the research has led me to focusing the project to Spain. Since we have seen a rise of women marches and protests in 2018, I believe there is a need to support the cause, and there is less content available in Spanish at the moment.

The logo has given me a range of design choices that I have considered from different angles. I have tried different typographic styles and hand-drawn letters for the acronym “me”, and also different t-shirt icons for two of the logo options.

While I have tried different options, I think the three shown below represent the brand contrastingly:

  1. Hand-drawn letters, with a very simple heart that comes to say “ME quiero” (I love myself).
  2. A fun way of showing the M as inverted breasts.
  3. More classy typeface, and the illustration of a t-shirt with a heart, which talks about the product.
ME logo version 1
ME logo version 2
ME logo version 3

Finally, I went with a more hand-drawn logo, which actually fits better the kind of quotes that I am designing for the t-shirts.

The final ME logo