Collecting brochures, maps and postcards from my trips is one of my hobbies. However, storing all that ephemera can be a problem, because it ends up in piles of papers on some box to be forgotten. This project changes the meaning of ephemera, from “things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time” (Oxford dictionaries, n.d.) to something meaningful. These elements are not intended to be valuable, but by creating a piece that I have a connection with, the ephemera becomes me, and everything that could finish in the trash can be used for a better purpose.

I have used everything collected during my 2018 trips arranged in a notebook that contains my travel memories. I have created spreads using scrap paper, washi tape, images from brochures, tickets and maps, without an initial design in mind, following the inspiration of professional “scrapbookers”.

Since the spreads are not planned, this is a great exercise to leave my comfort zone, exploring analogue methods and letting my creativity take over.

After a broad exploration of scrapbooking and ephemera, I have used my book-binding skills to create my own junk journal. I have used ephemera in the form of scraps of paper and pages from old magazines and brochures.

Here is a video I have filmed where I show the travel journal, the junk journal, and the creation of one of the spreads on it. This journal ties with my personal branding and logo, which was inspired by the idea of overlapping papers, which links to scrapbooking.