On this guide-style book, Juliette Cezzar navigates design topics, from the most basic questions any graphic design student would want to ask a senior, to a deeper level of information and experiences through interviews. A perfect book for beginners but also for professional designers that want to know more about how others have made it.

What graphic design is, what designers need to know, and who becomes a designer have all evolved as the computer went from being a tool to also becoming our primary medium for communication. How jobs are advertised and how prospective candidates communicate with prospective employers have changed as well, as has the culture and context for many workplaces, requiring new approaches for how to find your first (and last) position.

There's not a clear path for a designer anymore, it probably shouldn't even be called "career", but Juliette explains it in a simple way that doesn't make you want to run away from it. The book is an invaluable resource, and it is helping me as I start my last year of university. This is how excited I was as I received the book at home:

Book cover source: Bloomsbury
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