The most effective means to visualise my project, is by creating a moodboard that includes the essence of my idea, as well as real photos of women’s marches and t-shirts. This type of collage mixes perfectly all the elements that represent what Mujeres Empoderadas stands for, including people of all genders supporting each other.

With the new ideas, and a personal critique on my previous pitch, I have created a new and improved version (video at the end of this post). This updated pitch have less slides, less text in general, and more real images. I have kept the general style, with brush strokes as masks, but changed the main colour to purple, because my research has showed me that purple is the colour of women and feminism. The colour pink that I used on my first pitch can be seen as a preconception that female products have to be pink.

I have organised the pitch into three categories, the brief and requirements, the background or context, and the communications, so it is easier to understand. In addition, I have created a video to talk over the slides and explain some of the sections better.