The brief

As part of a new module on my BA (Hons) Graphic Design, I have started a new project called Women Empowering T-shirts, or WET. The brief I have written for this project is:

The project asks for an approach to social issues in the form of graphic design. Specifically, we look to raise awareness of women-related matters that lead to community marches around the world, and ways to support and empower them.

My pitch

As my pitch document and video (at the end of the post) shows, my idea to answer this brief is to design t-shirts to empower women on those moments:

Women get together in marches to fight for their rights, and to voice their opinions. I will answer the brief by creating a brand that designs unique t-shirts with creative slogans to empower women, and to support them on the fight.

The background of this is the rising amount of women’s marches that have happened during 2018 for various topics related to social issues and women’s rights. Seeing women united for their own causes is inspiring, and I believe we need the support and empowerment from each other.

The goals

With this in mind, the goals of the project are:

  • To empower women
  • To support women campaigns
  • To help fighting for equal rights
  • To make women voices be heard, pacifically
  • To appear as fun and bold, and to be seen

It is difficult to consider S.M.A.R.T. goals at this stage, since the initial pitch is only a very broad idea. One example could be: to engage and empower 1000 women on social media by the end of June 2019, and to make 100 sales (to a 10% of that audience). While the project is not intended to make sales, t-shirts have to be sold and worn by women to achieve my main goal: supporting and empowering women on fighting for equal rights.

Audience and Interaction

My intention is to set up an account on Twitter for the brand I want to create, and to start talking to women that might fit the target audience, as described previously. Then, I will ask them questions so I can validate my idea.

Twitter is the main communication platform because that is the social media platform where most of the conversations around this topic are happening. I expect that the target audience will interact with posts of relevant news, upcoming events and marches, or other social movements. The impact of the campaign, then, will be measured through social media engagement (likes, retweets, messages, use of specific hashtags...).